Hello world!

Posted on: 06/17/2022

Hello world!

Hello everyone, welcome! My name is Diego T. Fialho, this is my first post so it is going to be a little faster, only to introduce myself and give you an overview about the content that I'm going to post from time to time.

After a little while with the idea, I decided to put a project I already had in mind but I always procratinated it always took me a long time to put it into development, wich is the bog of my website.

I currently work as a front-end developer but I've also worked as a fullstack before. Development is a passion that I take both professionaly and as a hobby, I love developing algorithims in Javascript and creating pages with well-structured and organized code from prototyped layouts in figma, photoshop, etc.

Also in my spare time, I like to listen to music, play video games, read a book or take a quick look at Twitter. Another passion I have is World of Warcraft, I have all the books that have had translation and some that are only available in English, I'm a big fan since the time of Warcraft 3 and I still play to this day.

In this blog I intend to post programming content more focused on the side of Javascript and front-end, but it may be that something appears that is not so focused on the front. I developed this site using Next with styled-components and markdown, hosting is at Vercel. The code is in my GitHub repository and anyone who wants to, can feel free to take a look and even fork it if they want.

Well, that's it for now folks, I hope you liked it and I'll be back soon with a post bringing you content. Cya! O/

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